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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Jimmy Hoffa Conspiracy by Julia McKinney

What happened to Jimmy Hoffa? On July 30,1975, Jimmy Hoffa disappeared and was never seen again ("James R Hoffa"). Jimmy Hoffa was one of the most famous labor leaders in American 
history (1). He was also the president of the Teamsters at a point in his life(1). Jimmy also made some enemies over the years including the mob. There are several conspiracy theories surrounding his disappearance:

a. Was Jimmy killed by either the mob or Teamsters?

b. Was Jimmy killed by the government?

c. Was Jimmy alive living under a assumed name (10 Theories...)?

Let's, look at Jimmy Hoffa, the conspiracy theories concerning his disappearance, and probability he was murdered.

Jimmy Hoffa was known to be a shady business man. He made a deal, broke his word/ promise and still came out the winner. "In 1941 Hoffa entered a phase of his life which would remain with him until the end and would define a large part of his reputation when he formed his first alliance with organized crime" ("James R. Hoffa"). " Contacts between Hoffa and the mob would
continue for the rest of his life. Some of the activities Hoffa engaged in with organized crime are rumors, while others are known for sure, but his connection to mob figures were never a secret, nor did he try to keep them one" (2).

Another way Jimmy was shady he attempted to bribe juries("James R Hoffa"). He was sentenced to eight years in prison(2). Then 2 months later convicted for mail fraud(2). The result was a 13 year combined sentence but was commuted by Nixon(2). The condition was he would not be involved in the union politics until 1980(2). Hoffa did not keep his word and refused to stop trying to take over the Teamsters again(2). Hoffa came out the winner because he didn’t have to go back to jail.

The three conspiracy theories regarding the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa are Jimmy was killed by the mob or Teamsters? Jimmy was killed by the government? Jimmy was living under an assumed name.

Richard Kuklinski claims to have killed more than 200 people in a 40 years region for the mafia, and Hoffa is supposed one of the men he killed (Leach). "Kulinski claims to have first stabbed Hoffa with a hunting knife at the base of his skull before placing the corpse in a 55-gallon oil drum, which he then set on fire and burned for 30 minutes" (2). Another place Hoffa body is supposed to be buried is at a popular golf course in Michigan's lower peninsula. Hoffa may be a "permanent fixture to the grounds" due to the courses location once owned by "the Detroit Partnership" made up of three local mafia families (2). "Those families created one of the biggest ranches in states history, with enormous barns, a private runway and more eerie features-like underground tunnels and hidden rooms. Rumored to be the site of dozens of "mafia-style" executions, including Hoffa, the ranch sat abandoned for years after the feds seized it for tax evasion. Even though the notorious compound has made way for a lush golf course, the site and its nearby Pere Cheney cemetery still inspire ghost stories" (2).

"There are many others who contend the CIA wanted Hoffa dead because of something much bigger than bickering among Teamsters union officials and their mob-connected associates: that Hoffa was the original link between the underworld and the CIA in a plot employing mob muscle and devised to take out Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in the 1960's. In fact mob, hitman Charles Grimaldi, in his book, Momo Giancana was hit by the CIA, purports that Hoffa and two

reputed mob leaders "got popped" because "people in high places" worried that they might turn informants to this conspiracy" (2).

The third conspiracy theory is that Hoffa was living under an assumed name. It has reported that he ran off with a black go-go dancer to South Africa (unknown source). Little evdience can be found on this. So, what dis happen to Jimmy Hoffa? We may never know.

What happened to Jimmy Hoffa? On July 30,1975, Jimmy Hoffa disappeared and was never seen again ("James R Hoffa"). There are several conspiracy theories surrounding his disappearance:

1. Was Jimmy killed by either the mob or Teamsters?

2. Was Jimmy killed by the government?

3. Was Jimmy alive living under a assumed name (10 Theories...)?

We will never know what really happened to Jimmy Hoffa.

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Denver International Airport by Kassidy

       The Denver International Airport has been a great topic of controversy and intrigue over the years. When Leo Tanguma, a wonderful Chicano muralist from the South, had the opportunity to display his artwork in the airport, no one thought it would cause such an uproar. This paper will highlight and discuss in detail the unusual art of Leo and get a better understanding of the supposed conspiracy theories and secrets of the world imbedded in his work.

            Leo Tanguma was born and raised in a small town called Beeville, right outside of Corpus Christi, Texas. Leo wasn’t your average child, he was extremely abstract and was always very opinionated about things to do with his culture. He was if fifth grade when he did his first painting, it was of children lynching the town sheriff. . He was always into politics and was considered to be a democrat. His art has always been the type, where either you love or you hate. I think a lot of the controversy surrounding him, had a lot to do with the fact that most people wouldn’t take the time to
understand his art. Instead, people would look at, but would really take the time to figure out the stories that he is trying to portray.  As an adult he moved to Dallas to pursue a career as a muralist. After his warehouse studio was mysteriously burned down, “he moved to Denver and began doing paintings here on churches and community recreation centers” (More Murals). Leo loves to paint about things that are related to his heritage or that he feels very passionate about. In 1996 he got the opportunity to paint murals at the Denver International Airport and people who knew about Leo, already knew how bold his work was and how every piece of art he does, always tells an intense story. Although lots of people in the area knew that he was an extreme artist, I don’t think anyone was ready for the amount controversy there was going to be surrounding Leo’s art. The two painting
that really struck a chord with not only the community, but people around the world was “Children of the World Dream of Peace” and “In Peace and Harmony with Nature”. On February 28, 1995 the Denver International opened its doors, but not before spending at least 2 billion dollars and taking years to construct the monster of an airport, that became the largest airport in the United States. The airport is 53 (square miles) and “has the longest public use runway available in the country” (Kate Erbland).  

            There have been many conspiracies surrounding the Denver Airport and Leo Tangumas murals, So I’m about to bring light to a few of the main conspiracies. Here is a list of all of the
Conspiracies that I am going to talk about.

· Leo Tangumas murals have something to do with the new world order

· The Shape of the runway

· The dedications

· The secret underground tunnels

One of the biggest conspiracies is that Leo Tangumas murals in the airport are connected to the new world order. “Many of the conspiracy theorists who have posted about DIA have operated with the
understanding that Tanguma is a Mayan (hence the 2012 connection) that did these murals were the only thing he painted before going underground” (more murals). The next conspiracy in the shape of the runway. You can tell from the ground, but when you are flying above the runway, you can see how it is shaped like a swastika. Some people believe that when you put this together it adds up with all of the other conspiracies and then there are other people who think it is just a coincidence. The major conspiracy surrounding the Denver International Airport is that the underground tunnels and bunker, which lots of people think are more than just that. Theorists have said that they believe that the government is working in those tunnels and that it is in connection with the new world order. “The New World Order is a conspiracy which posits a new period of history bringing about a major change in the world with the balance of world power. This New World Order is theorized by some to involve a group or groups of elitists people bent on ruling the world through a single worldwide system of government” (“What is the New World Order”?). There has also been talk about there being an underground city under the airport, which would be very scary if it were true that people actually live under there. The government claims that nothing is happening under there, but there are claims that workers have come forward and said that there are plenty of secrets in that airport. There is also another conspiracy that there is said to be aliens living in the tunnels and that the government put them there instead of putting them in the middle of nowhere. Most people wouldn’t think they would hide things of another world right under our feet, but who really knows.

In conclusion this paper has given insight into the controversy and conspiracy’s regarding Leo Tanguma and the Denver Airport. Throughout this paper, examples of the unique artwork and outlandish speculations are discussed in detail. The construction, day to day workings and continued secrecy have all contributed to the hype and rumors surrounding this eccentric airport. The entire environment of the Denver airport has created a feeling that something questionable and somewhat ominous exists just below the surface.  

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Leo Tanguma and Denver International Airport by Anonymous

Leo Tanguma, the artist of the murals found in the “Great Hall terminal at [The Denver International Airport]”, is known for his thought provoking art work. Many people question
Tanguma’s motives and aesthetic, based on his controversial settings, but Tanguma defends his work by stating “‘A key element found in my work is the struggle for human liberation and democracy,’ he says. ‘This refers to dehumanizing conditions oppressed peoples strive to overcome such as poverty and homelessness in our cities, the destruction of the environment, racism and exploitation, or any unjust conditions.’” (“The Art of Leo Tanguma” Renowned Artist to Speak march 8 at CCA)
The external conflict is that many outsiders that view Tanguma’s work only see the harsh surface of the mural, leading to questions and conspirers to influence others to see only the “bad” in the painting, and not the underlying meaning, struggle, perseverance and moral of the mural. In reality, Tanguma uses murals to “[reflect] a community’s cultural identity and [point] out the cultural beauty of a people” (Christian Social Network). Tanguma sees murals as a “focal [point] depicting social issues in mirror-like reflections of our selves” (Christian Social Network).     
While the Denver International Airport was under construction, the public had a hand in deciding the art work that was to go into the airport through community panels, created to incorporate a
democratic aspect, that were assembled part by part in result of finding the right artist (Robert Blaskiewicz). Leo Tanguma’s art work is widely known through his contributions to prisons, churches, schools and museums (Christian Social Network) (Interview Leo Tanguma). Inspirations and projects ranging from Houston Texas, Colorado and four other states have spread Tanguma’s name and artwork across the country (Christian Social Network) (Interview: Leo Tanguma). Tanguma’s influential “sermon like” murals and sculptures range from gang violence, human liberation/dignity, protest American intervention in Central America, “Mexican heritage, world history, spirituality, progressive social ideals and personal anecdotes” (Christian Social Network) (Interview: Leo Tanguma). Through Tanguma’s wide spread projects, he has influenced
the people of the Denver panels so much so as to persuade them to pick his work for the Airport. Though the murals may seem controversial, every mural has a deep and heart wrenching meaning that makes individuals step back and reevaluate social issues. All in all, Leo Tanguma is an inspirational artist that should spread his work and messages around the world, for all to see, regardless if people want to see them or not. 

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Notorious Big by Bobby Booker

 Picture this:  a star rapper from the East coast, cruising the boulevard on the West coast where there has already been tension between the two hip hop rivals.  You add in uncertainty about another
rapper being murdered, rumors of an unfaithful wife, and a drug dealing past, all this and a night on the town while attending and presenting at the Vibe after party, this could be tragic ("VIBE Rewind: The Notorious B.I.G.: 'Chronicle of a Death Foretold"). That's the bad thoughts that are left with us after Christopher George 
Latore Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G. was gunned down while his S.U.V. truck that was stopped at a red light (1). A dark colored Chevy S.S. pulled up beside Biggies’ S.U.V. and opened fire hitting the hip hop super star four times (1).  Witnesses say there was a black male dressed in a blue shirt and bow tie fired the shots from what looked like a 9mm blue steel pistol (1). 
The doctors’ report say only one of the shots were fatal, hitting the star rapper through the right hip area where it struck the liver, the colon, his heart, and his lung ("VIBE Rewind: The Notorious B.I.G.: ‘Chronicle Of A Death Foretold’).  After extensive surgery, Biggie was pronounced dead at 1:15 am.  Soon after the announcement of Biggies’ death, rumors and speculation rang out that this was payback for the murder of Tupac (1).  To this very day there has been no one charged in the murder of The Notorious B.I.G. There has been an on and off investigation with nothing surfacing. 
Christopher George Latore Wallace, also known as The Notorious B.I.G., Biggie Smalls, Frankie Baby, B.I., biggie or Big Poppa was born May 21, 1972, in Clinton Hill, New York, to Voletta Wallace, a Jamaican preschool teacher, and Selwyn George Latore, a welder, a small time Jamaican politician, his father left when Wallace was only two years old ("Biography."). Biggie dropped out of school at the age of 17, already dealing drugs since the age of 12, he figured there was not much future in school, he thought hustling was his golden road out, going from rags to riches (1). However a trip to North Carolina for a routine drug exchange landed Wallace  a nine month stay behind bars (1). Once released, Biggie pursued his dreams in the rap game. Biggies tracks were passed around local radio stations and night clubs ("VIBE Rewind: The Notorious B.I.G.: ‘Chronicle Of A Death Foretold’). Biggie was not the most handsome guy, but he had a personality that would charm most people. He was very conscious of his size, so he proclaimed himself as "Biggie" or "BIG", also Biggie had a darker complexion and a crook in his eye; he was a smooth talker.

The Notorious Big: Character Analysis 
     There are two conspiracy theories about Biggies’ death.  The first is did Tupac’s death trigger the gangster and producer, Suge Knight’s order the hit on the superstar rapper Biggie. Was this payback for the loss of their big money maker Tupac?  Was it competitive combat for top spot of record sales?  Suge Knight was well known around town for thuggish and gangster-like traits.  It was rumored that Suge Knight had connections with local gang members that had connections with dirty police officers that had ties with the local gang.  The same L.A. police department has vowed that they have done everything they can to find the murderer of Biggie.  Till this day nothing has surfaced.  Could Suge be behind this murder using money, fame, or black-mail on this murder as hush tactics? 
          The second theory is was this a random killing for senseless thrills.  Was it because of the money and jewelry he flashed, was it out of jealousy, to gain self-satisfaction in killing Biggie?  It was plenty of people on the strip that night, and Biggie and his crew weren’t shy about letting L.A. know they were in town.  The reports of a black male driving a dark colored Chevy S.S. wearing a blue shirt with a bow tie has gone nowhere.  Witnesses will not come forward, maybe thinking they could be killed next or maybe a cash payoff.  His mom and friends have offered a very lucrative reward for information leading to the killer of Biggie while it seems like the L.A. police have put this horrific crime on the back burner.   
       In closing, the hip hop world will miss the guy in the nice suits, the Fedoras and Kangols, the big
big voice, nice rhymes and the great stage presence. It kind of came down to us logins a big star, a big kid, with a big heart, and a big loss for the hip hop world. (1)  Biggie only 6 months shy of his 25th birthday had already made his mark and left a lasting impression in the hip hop world with a legacy to be proud of.  (2) 
Still today his records are at the top of the charts, with lots of rappers cutting raps in remembrance of the great rapper.  It’s sad but he leaves behind a mom, a wife, and two beautiful kids, and plenty of friends and fans. (1) 
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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Marilyn Monroe by Hannah Sharer

                                                          Marilyn Monroe
On August 5, 1962, “the world’s most famous blonde” was found dead in her bedroom amongst an arrangement of empty pill bottles (“The Things She Left Behind”) (“Who or What Really Killed Marilyn Monroe?”). The queen of empowering quotes, Marilyn Monroe, was an emotionally unstable, promiscuous actress whose death continues to invoke speculation with respect to the true cause of her absence. Since the night of the tragedy, several key conspiracy theories have arisen:

1.      Did Marilyn commit suicide to alleviate her severe depression?

2.      Was it merely an accidental overdose?

3.      Did Marilyn’s psychiatrist lethally inject her (Lynch)?

4.      Was Marilyn murdered by affiliates of the Kennedys? Did they stage her suicide?

Let’s inspect the extent of Marilyn Monroe’s relationships with men, the formulated conspiracy theories regarding her death, and uncover the reason why the most probable explanation is that her “suicide” wasn’t really suicide at all, but rather a cover up of a murder on part of associates of the Kennedy brothers.

The seductress that was Marilyn Monroe was an ironically hopeful and optimistic woman who strove to be happy in spite of her sadness (Saedi). She once proclaimed, “Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about,” which credits the notion that Marilyn was able to look past the adversities in her own life and find solace in the very essence of life itself (“28 Beautiful Marilyn Monroe Quotes on Life, Love, & Happiness”). In addition to her inspiring sanguinity, Marilyn took her philosophy a step further: she never settled. “It’s better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone,” she admitted openly, which explains why her most noted marriages to Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller ultimately failed (“28 Beautiful Marilyn Monroe Quotes on Life, Love, & Happiness”).

            Norma Jean Mortenson, long before she embraced the façade of Marilyn, faced multiple external conflicts throughout her childhood and adolescence that played a significant role in foreshadowing the internal conflicts she faced later on. From the very beginning, she suffered the cruel reality of lacking the love and protection she so desperately craved from her absentee father, and though amongst her several attempts to locate him she actually succeeded, he refused to see her (Doll). Along with this deprivation of a nurturing family and a life void of security and stability, Marilyn lived with a mother whose inability to take adequate care of Marilyn ultimately landed her in an orphanage (Doll) (“Marilyn Monroe Biography”).  Now, Marilyn morbidly feared that she would inevitably fall victim and succumb to the “genetic insanity” that had infected her historic bloodline, which could very well be clarified by the family hardships she involuntarily endured as a result of her mother’s mental instability and her father’s selfish nature (Doll).

In retrospect, these adversities Marilyn underwent could very well be indicative of the fact that she was “plagued by anxiety, self-doubt, and low self-esteem” (Saedi). She possessed a “desire to be loved, [but] an inability to find this”, and perhaps she created the façade of Marilyn in attempt to genuinely experience the love and attention she’d been deprived of at such a fragile and vulnerable state in her life (Saedi).

From the several notable conspiracy theories surrounding Marilyn’s death, the historical facts and details involved in each of the alleged scenarios shall be assessed in order to determine the most probable occurrence.   

The first conspiracy theory elucidates that a severely depressed Marilyn committed suicide in her bedroom on the night of August 5, 1962. She was said to be “found face down with sleeping pill bottles arranged strategically near her bed” as a means to put an end to the emotional distress that had overwhelmed her (Vultaggio). In addition to this, she suffered from bipolar disorder and a history of suicide attempts through the use of narcotics prescribed to her, which certainly swayed the result of her official autopsy report, in which her death was ruled a suicide (Creighton). However, many claim that this is nothing more than “historical fiction”, as it provided a simple explanation at the time of the tragedy’s occurrence, thus preventing a thorough investigation into the true causes of her passing (Creighton). Also, people simply didn’t want to believe that Marilyn had actually committed such a violent act against herself when she was so famously adored for possessing a multitude of talents to share with the world of entertainment. This is certainly understandable, as there were inconsistencies in the story from that night. For one, the official story describes that Marilyn’s housekeeper, Eunice Murray, noticed a light protruding from Marilyn’s bedroom at around 3:30 in the morning, and called Dr. Greenson (Lynch). When he arrived, he “broke the window and entered to find her dead, face down, still holding the phone” (Lynch). However, Murray later confessed that she discovered Marilyn’s body around midnight, and it was revealed that Arthur Jacobs, Marilyn’s publicist, was informed of her overdose hours earlier and that Peter Lawford had learned of her death by one in the morning (Lynch) Apparently, she was taken to Santa Monica hospital, passed away there, and then her body was returned home. (Lynch) This provides basis for the claim that her death was staged, and that it was not a suicide.

            The second conspiracy theory claims that Marilyn suffered a mere accidental overdose by means of obtaining an excessive amount of prescribed sedatives. In other words, this “tragic accident” was said to have happened on basis of Marilyn’s “medical negligence”, especially since she’d overdosed on multiple occasions prior to the night of her death (Creighton) (Vultaggio). On a side note, she was also a victim of severe insomnia, which serves to explain the reason behind why she relied on sleeping pills to get by on a remarkably normal basis. In addition, her supplier was believed to have been manipulated by a “powerful, beautiful, and seductive woman, used to getting her own way” and “very difficult to resist”, which would clarify how Marilyn was able to obtain such a lethal combination of drugs when she was supposed to be “reducing her drug dependency” by slowly but surely weeding her way off of them (Creighton). However, this theory proves inefficient in that it serves as an adequate cover story for what actually could have happened, and since Marilyn was involved in multiple sketchy situations, those appear to have been the actual circumstances that premeditated her death. Also, it was discovered that “there wasn’t any vomit, which is usually what happens when a person overdoses” (Vultaggio). “Instead, many believe the fatal dose was administered via enema, suggesting someone else was involved” (Lynch)

            The third conspiracy theory contends that Marilyn’s psychiatrist, Dr. Hyman Engelberg, lethally injected her with a fatal prescription of drugs (Vuldaggio). Now, this conspiracy follows the same conclusion as the previous conspiracy, except it regards Marilyn’s death as intentional rather than accidental. Advocates of this conspiracy claim that Dr. Engelberg “lied under oath during the 1982 investigation into Miss Monroe’s death about what drugs he had instructed her to take” (Vuldaggio). This claim is backed by the findings in her medical autopsy that demonstrate that she was administered both “Nembutal and Chloral Hydrates, even though when taken together these powerful sedatives can be lethal” (Vuldaggio). The validity of this discovery only worsens Dr. Engelberg’s reputation, seeing as Marilyn suffered from bipolar disorder and severe depression, which would make these confirmed prescriptions even more reckless and rash in regards to Marilyn’s sustained record of mental health (Vuldaggio).  However, Engelberg’s motive for committing such a crime has yet to be discovered. It appears more as if he caved to Marilyn’s continuous demands for drugs, later realizing that he could be the one blamed for her death, so he lied to prevent further investigation into his motives.

            The fourth and final conspiracy theory argues that Marilyn was murdered by affiliates of the Kennedy brothers, John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. Now, Marilyn did have private affairs with both of these men, who were said to have been “passing her around like a football” (Creighton). In addition to this, she threatened to reveal not only these affairs, but also to expose costly political secrets and Kennedy family secrets, which in itself gives the Kennedys strong motive. “ ‘Bobby Kennedy was determined to shut her up, regardless of the consequences’, Peter Lawford later revealed (Howe). It was later revealed that she showed signs of cyanosis through blue and purple discoloration, which is consistent with needle injection (Howe). This heavily points to the conspiracy that she was ordered to be lethally injected. Furthermore, it is believed that “Bobby” Kennedy either ordered her death, possibly by giving her psychiatrist with whom Marilyn had an affair an ultimatum, or doing it himself and using the delayed notification to the police as a means to escape scot free. (Lynch)

To this day, Marilyn Monroe is still publicly revered as the nation’s most adored blonde and is noted for her depth of character. However, many still ponder the true cause by which she died on that tragic night of August 5, 1962. As a result of this, there are four main conspiracy theories that are contended:

1.         Did Marilyn commit suicide to alleviate her severe depression?

2.         Was it merely an accidental overdose?

3.         Did Marilyn’s psychiatrist lethally inject her (Lynch)?

4.         Was Marilyn murdered by affiliates of the Kennedys? Did they stage her suicide?

Although Marilyn’s death was initially ruled a probable suicide by overdose, further investigation withdrew that supposition and allowed for these conspiracies to develop and grow throughout society. However, by assessing the motive of the Kennedy family and utilizing a reasonable perception of the situation, there are strong grounds by which to verify that they had a hand in her death as a means to keep her from uncovering dirty political and family secrets and from revealing the secret affairs the two brothers had with her (Howe).

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