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(Works Cited for All Essays will be loaded last)

Friday, December 15, 2017

Time Travel Conspiracy Theory by Phillip Lambert

       Have we been altered, changed, or moved from our reality by the underground
projections of our present time displacements? Hidden in the midst of the shadows cast upon by our leaders’ secrets and boundaries that block the public eye? Andrew Basiago orates his various phenomenon of space time and transportation that have already been accomplished through concrete hands (Schwarz). Beginning with the whistleblowers tales of the past, theorists and conspiracies have constantly joined to entertain the idea that DARPA's Project Pegasus could exist here and now. Now, as we seek the answers in his past, let us learn if Project Pegasus is real or not.

          Time is relevant to all things and concepts throughout our ever-expanding galaxy, life, dreams, hope, love and unto everything that has existed or come into existence for the rest of eternity. Andrew Basiago was a lawyer, a good kid and friend of others, or that was how it could have been and continued to be until the day that he would inevitably die through the end of his race for what he could contribute to the foundations of earth. In its stead were the theorists and evidence of time travelers’ teleporters throughout the space-time continuum. A beacon of information through traumas and tribulations of what should be seen or done lived or altered from the rest. Profiling the future that he has learned of in the past and continuing of the trail marked in the near future. So just how much more under the skin of this man as he carries over the path laid out directly before him in spade of knowledge or triggered memories of the past?
                Who, what, when, where, how and why do such things become of the utmost important largely while dragging down the innocents mind first and then body down with them to the gate of hidden reliable truths. The crucifixion footage, teleportation reports, and photograph statement are tied unto his various experimental factors under the leadership of his father’s work. A shadow overhead of him that was broken off as he opened the seal to incomprehensible theories full to the brim a full of relativity and reestablished and what can be achieved. The man always one-step ahead of the curve his father, Raymond Basiago, sought after the goal to raise his children suitably in a sustained faction of his own blood and works of fiction. Before even beginning the campaign’s or governmental positions he was there showing him the destinies of greatness that lies with that of the unnatural. As if the two entities of child and man became one in the sense that the future and events of such and knowing that it must always continue to be a greater man waiting to  become objects and personas that amplify oneself. A very necessary turn to release all the suffering for withheld truths. Outside of his involvement over the five year period of was shocking in every way and unknown ways there could ever be; loss of life, limb, mind, time loops and their ascension towards a possible future. Throwing everything away as he rises through the goals for h life for another one percent to succeed past a looming limit.
                         Whatever the age, IQ, strengths or hopes, everything can be subjected to one or more forms of manipulation or temperaments. Inhibit to trails of brainwashing as a rash attempt to keep the data and delete the rest of the existing evidence of person or thing that is taken from the normal life to a catastrophic ever-changing reality under the hands of their workers. Weekly and daily coming home to a family with tales of future presidents, future systems for. As these unquestioning unshaken children took these missions like a game or new thing of the time, ending up in the future or past events that could much change the fates of many along the timeline. Sat down in front of Lincoln, the crucifixion/resurrection of Jesus Christ, or to seek future leaders to become prepared to do the acts and missions given to carry out all listed in the context of time and space (Basiago). Adulthood only lead to the resurgence of his confidence and dilemma, as his platforms are the tools, wheel to steer onto his paved roads of success. Using all that is in or outside of his grasp, as a means of informing a world of ignorant and open books in which anything that would be written through the blood words exist upon their pages. Individuals of any one person are drawn as easily unto the wolves as to that of the lambs. The hardest part to this is distinguishing the difference between the liars, scammers, or the blasphemers of the land and those who seek hope and truths within the lives we lead under.
                Andrew D. Basiago, chrononaut, teleporter of the past four decades is a compassionate, troubled yet is very direct and open up without the fears of others transgression coming against him.
Truth is often hidden in plain sight under the guise of fantasy.  I myself wondered how accurate time travel was, as portrayed in film and TV, with Andy’s own experience.”( Kathy) .

As the truth of his experiences and trespasses continue to enlighten us he continues to stand true for his movements to bring his plans to fruition. Strong in his will and past strengths to continue on into his future whatever it may hold. 

For every one thing that exists across our vast universe, there are tens and hundreds of different interpretations and meanings throughout the generations and ethics. Some more true than that of the other individual incarnations of the first version of a source. The people of planet earth have spun these into various myths and legends of the beginning mystery, constantly disputing the lies from the truths and vice versa. The voice of Andrew Basiago has given rise to theories, facts and beliefs of the set foundation he’s created under himself over the past decade.

              In such ways our nation reflects these rumors around us our leaders and entertainers are targeted for their hidden secrets hidden behind the shadow of authority. More recently former president Barack Obama has become associated with theories connecting back to those of Project Pegasus and Andrew Basiago. So is it possible for Obama to have been a participant to the mission and awarded the name of his future? Born of two families along with the names given by them, soteros and Obama’s, we wonder what secrets he hides behind (timeline).” In November 2011, Andrew Basiago, a lawyer from Washington State, and William Stilling’s came forward to claim that they were part of a CIA training program in 1980 that transported people to Mars.(exopolitics 12) The two stated that among the participants was the future 44th president of the United States of America.”(Exopolitics). This is also reported to be around the time he came home to his grandparents requesting to change his name to that of his real father who brought the joining of the families. Exclaiming to the world through interviews and presentations of his experiences to have met Barry (barrack) as a teenager, ”Basiago is here declaring that the CIA was actively grooming Obama for the Presidency by giving him access to briefing documents. In other words, according to Basiago, Obama is a CIA sanctioned U.S. President.”(Exopolitics). These activities were meant to slowly bring future leaders closer to their roles in government in their evidential future. “Interestingly, Obama has acknowledged knowing Andy Basiago as well as being familiar with Project Pegasus.  As to any further details regarding his involvement–he has remained mum.  As Captain Spock would say, “Fascinating”(inverse). However this is less likely to be an actual fact of their experiences. Other whistleblowers say to have pushed through brainwashing to keep the operatives under wraps, in order to keep their secrets secure.

      The second of these theories lies within basiago's childhood- were all the things experienced in his adolescence all factual information or pure hallucinations of a delusional child? Out of all the actions he’s taken over the past decade majority of them are based from his childhood and teenage participation with the D.A.R.P.A (Defense advanced research projects agency). His father leading the  operation exposed his children to the past present and future that would become the now, his 2008 paper life on mars, crucifixion of Jesus were shown to the young boy and siblings. Bringing unto them and other test subjects just how much the mind through space and time could be affected. Clairvoyantly seeking the unknown mysteries that lie beyond the understanding of their times either to the past or unto the present. The only proof given to us, outside of the various speeches given, of his time traveling missions is that he in fact was the bugle boy in the photo of the Gettysburg address. As a means to hide out on his missions to there, basiago accommodated himself to the clothing of the times only to be caught in a picture by curious photographers not seeing the being standing before them in the crowd stood in the crowd. The machinery used for these missions has been expressed to have existed since the forties under alliance to Germany during World War 2 to transport supplies to bases on mars. Much of it was redesigned to produce energy ports to for the portals of teleportation and Chrono vision (enhanced goggles that allow seeing into the past or future). (Mars research society)His whistle blown outbursts have only left us at the ever lead road between the delusions of his truth or lies; a standstill ranging from raging rivers to quiet streams.
      Throughout all of the missions acted by the association, none have been as allied to our goals to seek out space and the undefined life that may live in it. From a NASA satellite photograph, Basiago analyzed the structures in the photo to be between a female or male life form. Critics and other researchers disagree presenting the forms as rock formations lying on the surface of the red planet. Upon other formations he’s looked upon have been stated to be the possible remnants of ancient Martian life from centuries ago (above top secret). Terrifying to think life of the contents of space could possibly be linked to other lives and powers so close or farther away from us that could be more advanced to the point of invasion. What interactions could we have had with them and impact the technology and society of the entire earth as a whole. However this may be the least likely to actually have an actual stance on his terms. The conditions of mars and resources thereof are nonexistent and would not establish the necessary needs of any species to survive upon.
       Andrew basiago is an interesting man who has spun up webs of unknown mystery and trials and tribulations of our government. His interactions with the president and Pegasus have made him into what he is today: a man of future tidings in our day. To any theory that is created there should always be evidence surrounding it, enriching the stories with belief and trust.

        Reality is the structure of society, the mind and the sense that allows us to feel ,hope , and believe for greater strides and movements for our future selves. Every one action can have at least a thousand different outcome in which change the boundaries we lie in and the way we lead ourselves or others upon a planetary scale. Andrew Basiago has lead himself in a risky manner that puts his career and everything under him at the cost for something that could just be a fictional fantasy of science and misunderstandings. Connected amongst our space time continuum, future presidents and the forthright missions of our country. Any experience could lead into the developments of confused delusions of the young minds that request continuous question and belief. his stories and theories true or false have presented as the future of Project Pegasus and the future of our country.

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Chemotherapy Conspiracy Theory by Beau Trigo

           Chemotherapy is the most trusted treatment for cancer in America, for an eight-week treatment cycle it cost anywhere from $10,000-30,000.00 with a success rate of only 2.1% ("The Cancer Cure that Works"). Dr. Royal Raymond Rife was a scientist who created what was known as A universal microscope, he reportedly also developed an effective cure for cancer. All his research began to disappear and all doctors that he worked with began denying to have ever met him. In results chemo is the most used cancer treatment in the country.

Royal Raymond Rife was a world-renowned scientist who was motivated to create a working cure for cancer. He began his studies in medicine at John Hopkins University, he later attended Heidelberg University in Germany (“A brief history of dr. royal Raymond rife”). While attending Heidelberg he developed all of the photomicrographs for the atlas of parasites for the university(1). The university was so grateful for his developments that in 1914 they awarded him an honorary doctor of parasitology degree (1). He began working for the firm of Carl Zeiss in New York and later Germany, where he worked very closely with Carl Zeiss, Hans Luckel and other scientists in the development of fine microscopes (1). He spent five years working with that group while still attending Heidelberg University.

Rife established his first research laboratory in San Diego, California in 1912, the same year he wed Mamie Quill (“A brief history of dr. royal Raymond rife”). Rife worked with United States Navy before and during World War One and was commissioned as a Lt. commander USNR (1). It is reported that rife and his wife Mamie traveled many times to Europe before the war in regards to his connections with the Zeiss firm (1). Rife’s career began with research pathology, as a medical researcher Rife found that successful pathology relies on vision. In 1920 he built a microscope powerful enough to see a virus (1).

Just before the great depression rife worked for the united states government and the Carl Zeiss optic firm (“A brief history of dr. royal Raymond rife”). It is reported that he also received a research fellowship in biochemistry from the Andean Anthropological Expedition Institute for private research he had done (1). Some of his inventions are still used today in aviation, ballistics, radiochemistry, biochemistry, optics and electronics (1). Sometime after the great depression Rife had lost all of his money and had to take a job as a chauffeur for Henry Timkin. Henry later found out about Rife’s talents and had him build and engine for his speed boat which ended up breaking the world record with an average speed of eighty-seven miles per hour. Timkin was a roller bearing manufacturer and his bearings would often break in the finished product (1). Rife built an x-ray machine for Timkin that checked all bearings coming out of the plant and send back all the ones with broken or nonfunctional bearings (1). Timkin’s wife became ill and her doctors could not find what was causing her illness. Rife believed that her illness was due to something she was eating, he searched her kitchen with his microscope and found the bacteria that was causing her illness in her spice cabinet. After rife found and got rid of the bacteria her illness disappeared. Timkin’s sister and business partners wife, Amelia C. Bridges was also ill and Dr. Rife worked with her and discovered the source of her illness, she left Dr. Rife 50,000 dollars to continue his work when she died (1). Timkin and his partner were so astounded by Dr. Rife’s work they funded and financed a completely equipped laboratory where he could continue his work (1).

Rife’s motivation led him to inventing a mocriscope that was so powerful it allowed him to be able to see living viruses, with the ability to see living viruses and bacteria he was able to find that every virus has its own resonance frequency (“A brief history of dr. royal Raymond rife”). With this information he was able to build a machine that would match the frequency of the virus, which in turn would destroy the virus. He tested his theory about resonance frequencies on small animals such as rats. He would subject them to the virus and use is machine to kill the virus without harming the animal. He tested this over 400 times to be sure it worked and would not harm the host of the virus (1). These are just some of the things that make Dr. Rife a world renowned and motivated scientist.

            There are two conspiracy theories concerning Dr. Rife’s cure for cancer. The first theory is that he created a machine that killed cancer viruses. The second theory is that there is no way of knowing if the “cure” he found would cure all cancers. Let’s take a look at each of these theories and you can judge for yourself.

            The first theory is that Dr. Rife created a working cure for cancer. Dr. Rife invented the universal microscope which allowed him to view living viruses and bacteria. With his new microscope he was able to find that all viruses and bacteria resonate at their own frequency. This information allowed him to create a machine called the “frequency instrument” that would match the frequency of the cancer viruses and kill them. Dr. Rife and his associates cured sixteen cases of cancer in two small clinics that they had opened in California (Deki and Jon C. Fox). Each of his patients were cured of their cancer in four-six weeks with no adverse side affects (1). The AMA (American medical association) was opposed to the use of his machine. Physicians who ignored the AMA’s stance and continued using the frequency instrument had their licenses to practice medicine revoked (1). Individuals that were known to use Rife’s universal microscope had their equipment confiscated or destroyed (1). Chemotherapy is the leading treatment for cancer in the world with prices as high as 30,000 dollars. If Dr. Rife’s machine was not hidden and it was able to cure cancer chemotherapy would not be used and doctors and chemotherapy practitioners would be out of jobs and lose billions of dollars. If you eliminate a large source of income like that the AMA would lose billions of dollars and would have a very hard time finding a way to compensate for that much loss. Although there is no research or data of his device actually working, hundreds of thousands of people have died from or been diagnosed with cancer since his machine was condemned by the AMA, so if this device truly didn’t work why was it hidden from the world?

            The second theory is that there is no way of knowing if the “cure” he found would cure all cancers. This theory states that there are multiple cancer viruses and that they all have their own different frequency and there would be no way of knowing if the frequency machine could kill all of them. It also states that radioactive treatment methods would almost neutralize the frequencies and the frequency machine wouldn’t work. It is said that there is not enough evidence to support the rife machine working and that the only evidence there is, is not enough to support the claims that people were cured of cancer. There is very little evidence to support the theory that there the rife machine did not work. The evidence that shows it did work way over passes that of it not working.

            In conclusion there is much more evidence that shows that the rife machine did work and that Dr. Rife was able to create a working cure for cancer. The theory that the machine did not work just does not have enough evidence to prove that it did not work. So without proof that it did not work there is only the words of the AMA that we are supposed to believe, but the AMA is who makes money off of chemotherapy treatment so it only makes sense that they would hide something that would force them to lose billions of dollars. So, I ask you, if there was any chance of this device working wouldn’t you want to know why it was hidden and buried from the world?

         Chemotherapy is the most trusted treatment for cancer in America, for an eight-week treatment cycle it cost anywhere from 10,000-30,000$ with a success rate of only 2.1%. Dr. Royal Raymond Rife was a scientist who created what was known as A universal microscope, he reportedly also developed an effective cure for cancer. All his research began to disappear and all doctors that he worked with began denying to have ever met him. In results chemo is the most used cancer treatment in the country. There are two conspiracy theories concerning Dr. Rife’s cure for cancer. The first theory is that he created a machine that killed cancer viruses. The second theory is that there is no way of knowing if the “cure” he found would cure all cancers. The only theory I believe to be true is that Rife did create a cure for cancer and the AMA buried it so they could make more money.

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The Bob Lazar Conspiracy by Ricky Miller

The Bob Lazar Conspiracy

Can Lazar’s story be factual? In May 1989, Robert Scott Lazar claimed to have worked at S4, a facility about 15 miles south of Area 51 near Groom Lake.  Bob worked on reverse engineering alien technology, as well as he knew about the undiscovered 115, a element on the periodic table unidentified until 2003. Does this mean his theories are possible? There are 3 theories that keep this theory from being factual:
                  1.      Bob stated that he worked on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology.
                  2.      Claimed to use element 115, something undiscovered for decades.
                  3.      Worked and studied a UFO and how the UFO works.

Larzar’s story to this day is still being questioned as to whether it's fictional or not.

            Robert Scott Lazar is a very weird man. First, his posture is very awkward as seen in the interview with George Knapp ("Interview with George Knapp"). Lazar is a tall, lanky man with huge glasses and a wavy bowl cut hairstyle. However, now in the present time, his hair has receded back and he no longer wears glasses. Robert Lazar just presents himself as a very awkward man during his interviews. Robert shows little emotions, but when he does show emotions he keeps his expressions very blunt and exact. During his interview with George Knapp, he makes multiple claims about information he learned during his time at S4 like how he was a scientist working with extraterrestrial technology, although, checking many sources there is currently no proof of his claims (“Robert Lazar.”). Can a person’s words mean anything without proof or evidence? Well with Bob Lazar it seems like a fake story, but how he says it sounds so real, even with his awkward postures and gestures. Just by appearance he has a very nerdy look with big glasses and a halfway bowl haircut.

Bob Lazar is a man of mystery having no previous background at all, for some reason any previous data he has had been erased. Robert stated that he received degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and California Institute of Technology yet “neither of which can be confirmed”(Rojas). Lazar is very devoted to his view, after all the conspiracy and denial or acceptance people have towards his story Lazar still stays true to his word. He stays true to his word on S4 and his claim to have worked on alien technology, He says “alien spacecraft were being tested by the U.S. Air Force“ (Ventura). No matter the judgement everyone has towards him, and all the years that passed, he still believes his claim as a fact. Bob has made the choice to go public with the knowledge that the government is hiding information of alien technology from us even though people have radical views to his statement. Robert actually put on his website “Sorry, Mr. Lazar no longer involves himself in matters related to the topic of UFOs.“ (Rojas). The reason he posted that on his website is to avoid “rocking the boat” with the government he now current with(Rojas).  Lazar claims the reason he went public is to avoid an assassination, he believes the government tried to kill him, “But after I went public, they couldn’t kill me“ (Ventura ). Lazar is motivated to protect himself, and since he didn’t pursue his case against the government through the media he can’t be ambitious towards it, the case may be true that the only reason he told the media was just to protect himself. Robert personally refuses to talk to people about his situation and when he is asked about it all he states is, “Everything I experienced is out there online“ (Ventura ). What Lazar truly did was raise awareness towards Area 51 and that the government is keeping things secret from the people. The ocean is split even with this situation, a lot of people believe him in the case that the government is hiding alien information from the people. However, there is also a good amount of people that know his story doesn't add up and he's crazy “Scientists leave trails. Lazar is NOT a scientist.“ (Friedman). Friedman claims that the statement Lazar makes is false, he says that
 “Not one shred of evidence has been put forth to support this story” (Friedman). With no evidence to put on the table the question still remains, is the character Bob Lazar telling the truth to better the peoples knowledge that the government is keeping things secret or is Bob another scammer trying to make a quick buck?

                        In the occurrence of the Bob Lazar conspiracy, there are three claims Lazar has stated. All of which, none have proof. Proof is what separates his argument from being fact or fiction and all we currently have is his word. Did he work at a secret underground base in S-4? At that base did he work and see extraterrestrial technology? He claimed he knew about element 115, something that remained undiscovered till decades later.

The first conspiracy theory states that Bob, during his stay in the Los Alamos area, claimed to have worked as a scientist “in the Meson Physics facility” at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Yet, even with Robert claiming he was working at the laboratory, “The lab repeatedly denied it”(LASVEGASNOW). However, his name is in the lab phone book but Stanton Friedman claims Bob worked under Kirk Meyer, an outside contractor.##  Even now, twenty eight years after the incident we still do not have proof of Lazar being part of S-4, which is apparently a underground test facility right next to the Area 51 site, near Groom Lake. With the evidence of Bob in the phone book we can determine that he did have a connection with the facility, so his story may not be as unrealistic as we all believe it to be. No information about these bases were ever public until after the interview Bob Lazar had with George Knapp.

The second conspiracy theory is that Lazar worked on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology during his time at the secret S-4 base in Los Alamos. Excluding the theory that he possibly didn’t even work as a scientist at S-4, if we take it that he did work there then this is the continuation of his situation that Lazar is a whistle blower. Bob states his work included breaking down flying saucers to understand the concept of how they work and to backward engineer to produce new technology for the future. The scientists that work at Los Alamos deny all allegations.

            The last conspiracy theory is that Bob claimed to use element 115, a component not discovered for decades after the interview. Lazar stated to have used 115###, as well as he knew the exact components inside the element, something not identified until almost thirty years later. Research concludes that element 115 is “a ore which cannot be synthesized on the earth.”(Broden).  The conspiracy lies in the fact that this element plus many more were already predicted, however none proven correct. Bob could have easily predicted and lied about what element he claimed the extraterrestrials used for fuel. 

            A survey was passed out to 20 selected students that have previous knowledge about Bob Lazar at Dickinson High School to determine “Did Bob Lazar speak the truth about a secret base working on alien tech? Or is this a publicity stunt?” The poll answers were stunning with 3 out of 5 believing Lazar spoke the truth, while the other 8 people believe that Bob’s allegations are false. With these statistics we can recognize that 60% of people that took the survey believe  Lazar and what he has said during his interview with George Knapp, while 40% are skeptical and believe Bob’s content is false.

With all these factors hindering the theories from being completely truthful, it’s hard to determine if Bob Lazar’s allegations are actually the truth. The man who interviewed Bob, George Knapp has addressed the issue saying, “We can’t be selective in the Lazar case. We need to look at the whole picture, all the evidence”(Corbell). In the end, we can determine that his claims are just his claims, and it’s truly your decision if you want to either believe the story Lazar states or see it as just a fake conspiracy.

After all the controversy behind the infamous Bob Lazar, there are still conspiracies to this       
day that we all wish had answers to:

                  1.      Worked at a secret underground base, I.e. S-4.
                  2.      Did he truly worked on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology?
                  3.      Is it true he used element 115? Prior to this element being founder for decades later?

In the end what really matters is, is Bob Lazar telling the truth? And if so what else is the Government hiding from the people. Now after years later, I predict we will never know if Bob Lazar did in fact tell the truth. All we know for sure is that what Bob Lazar has said, is now out there, it's in the air and for us “the people” to believe if he is actually lying to us or telling us the truth.  

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Elisa Lam Conspiracy Theory By Jenny Nguyen

Bloated and grotesque. This was how LA County officials found Elisa Lam (Duke). It has been 4 years since Santiago Lopez, the hotel maintenance man, found Lam’s body in a water tank atop Cecil Hotel’s rooftop (Holland). Elisa Lam’s cause of death isn’t the only thing strange about her death, but it’s a question about how she died has even the LA police scratching their heads (Swann). Security footage of a strangely acting Lam, prior to her death, soon surfaced which has sparked many conspiracy theories such as:
1. She Was Murdered By A Hotel Employee (Radford)
2. She Was Assassinated Over A Government Project (1)
3. She Was Playing A Game That Led Her To Another Dimension (1)
The theories surrounding Elisa's mysterious death just get crazier and crazier from here, but the one that seems the most likely is that Elisa Lam had been murdered by a hotel employee; otherwise how else did she end up on the locked rooftop?                                     
Character Analysis:
           Before her death, Elisa Lam seemed like she had it all together; she was almost finished with her third year in college, had a fashion blog, and two loving parents (Nickles). Elisa was even called “caring and conscientious” by her peers (Nair). When it was announced that Elisa had died, her classmate, Alex Ristea, said “This is the last person I expect out of all my friends to have something like this happen to her”(1).
Image result for elisa lam           
Elisa Lam may have seemed picture perfect to everyone, but Elisa was actually struggling with bipolar disorder. In bipolar disorder, a person would have high, elevated, increased moods and rapid speaking; followed by a deep depression (“Bipolar disorder.”). On her blog, etherfields.blogspot.com, Elisa blogged: “Depression sucks. I have no control over my emotions. I will be angry for two minutes and then sad again. I will be happy for half an hour and then emotional again”(L.L.).  Could Elisa been experiencing some symptoms of bipolar disorder? Also, according to her autopsy report, coroner Jason Tovar found traces of bipolar disorder medication in her system (Tovar).
           Many people believe that Elisa Lam’s bipolar disorder was to blame for her death. When that video of Elisa in the elevator surfaced, many took it upon themselves to analyze her actions. The video shows Elisa waving her arounds, walking in and out the elevator, and pushing many buttons.
While Elisa had many friends who were sad to see her die, Elisa was actually a very shy and introverted person. When Elisa planned her trip to California she told no one about it, but she post where she was going to go on her blog. Elisa’s blog seemed like an output for her, as she “just wish[es]...someone around me could understand what it really means to be depressed (Lam)". Her blog seemed like the only place where she could express her true emotions as she blogged “So many of the tumblrs I follow seem to carry the same grief as me in some way or another (Lam)”. Elisa had probably felt that she could not connect with her fellow peers well enough, so she used her blog to feel connected to other people.
Image result for elisa lam            Elisa Lam’s personality is still a big mystery though, as there have many conflicting reports of her by everyone around her. While on the internet she may have seemed like a girl struggling with depression, many people found her very friendly and kind. Prior to Elisa’s death, Elisa had actually visited a bookstore near the hotel where the manager, Katie Orphan, described Elisa by saying "She was outgoing, very lively, very friendly," while getting gifts to take home to her family (Flynn). But when that video of Elisa in the elevator was released, many people were calling the cause of her strange behavior to be an episode of bipolar disorder. So who is the real Elisa Lam, could her lively personality be a front to hide her battle with bipolar disorder, or could everyone else be lying as part of one big conspiracy theory?
Conspiracy Theories:
Ever since that surveillance footage of Elisa surfaced of her in the elevator, many people have taken it upon themselves to analyze her behavior and figure out what could’ve happened to her. This has led to many conspiracy theories that are both plausible and implausible. While her death has been ruled as an accident, there are some things that are just not adding up. So, what happened to Elisa Lam?
While not a conspiracy theory, the most obvious answer to Elisa Lam’s cause of death is that Elisa committed suicide. At Elisa’s time of death, autopsy report showed that there were bipolar medication in her system (Tovar). While taking medication was supposed to help Elisa, the effects may have worn off causing Elisa to experience symptoms of it. When looking at the surveillance footage of Elisa in the elevator, Elisa is seen talking to herself and making bizarre movements, such as waving her hands around suddenly or walking in and out of the elevator (D.). According to mayoclinic, these are symptoms of the high part of bipolar disorder called manic (“Bipolar Disorder”). Manic can also cause hallucinations, which can explain why Elisa looks like she is playing hide and seek with someone else (1). Manic, however, is followed by a low called depression (1). The bigger the manic, the bigger the depression (1). Since Elisa seems to be experiencing hallucinations, which are some of the more extreme symptoms, it is safe to assume that Elisa was hit by a big depression. Elisa’s depression could have caused her to commit suicide by going to the roof and drowning herself in a water tank. While not the easiest way to kill oneself, bipolar disorder can cause someone to make irrational decisions (1). Elisa also wouldn’t be the only one to have committed suicide while under the influence of bipolar disorder, as many as 15% of people suffering from bipolar disorder commit suicide every year (“Bipolar Suicides”).
Related imageWhile Elisa committing suicide is very believable, it does not explain how she got onto the rooftop, or how she got herself to fit into the water tank. One that does clarify these, is that Elisa was murdered by a hotel employee. It was already strange that Elisa would book a flight and hotel for California all by herself, unless she was meeting someone up. The only question that remains is who was Elisa meeting up? Some suggest that Elisa actually met up with an evil spirit, which seems outlandish but not when considering the history of the hotel (Savastio). The hotel that Elisa was staying at, Cecil Hotel, actually has a long dark history (1). The hotel used to be very infamous for many of its hotel guests to commit suicide and how many serial killers including: Jack the Ripper, Black Dahlia, and Richard Ramirez, was spotted at this hotel(1). The biggest evidence that points to Elisa being murdered by a hotel employee though, is that the rooftop could only have been accessed by a hotel staff (Ranker). Even when opened without a key it would have set off an alarm within the building (1). Assuming Elisa had gotten past the door without setting off the alarm, it still does not explain how Elisa could have lifted the heavy metal lids on the water tanks all by herself without some help. Even though being murdered by a hotel employee explains how Elisa ended up on the rooftop and in the water tank, it does not explain why she was pushing all the buttons on the elevator, or why the elevator was not working.
Image result for elisa lam elevatorThe next theory that would explain this is rather a peculiar one as it is Elisa was playing something called the Elevator Game (James). It is an urban legend game that starts with entering an elevator with at least ten floors, and that if you follow a series of steps the elevator will place you in a ghost dimension or the Otherworld (1). Other people who have played this game have reported that a woman appeared to them in the elevator once they reached the top floor (1). There has been many on the internet that have speculated that Elisa was playing this game and saw this woman and it explains why Elisa looked scared (Radford). Elisa playing this “elevator game” would explain why Elisa had been pushing all the buttons all at once as this game requires it. Also through the course of this video many have noticed that the elevator had been taking a long time to close, which if Elisa had been playing this elevator game would be explained by certain rules of the game would have prevented the doors from doing so. With Elisa acting the way she did, Elisa playing the elevator doesn't seem so far fetched now.
One theory that would explain all the circumstances surrounding Elisa’s death is that Elisa Lam’s death was apart of a secret project of the government. It is no secret that there have been many conspiracy theories surrounding the government, but this one has just way too many coincidences for it not to be considered. The first evidence is that Mycobacterium tuberculosis that causes Tuberculosis (TB) is tested by a test called “LAM-ELISA.” (“The Most Deadly”) This test was made in 2009 three years before Elisa was found dead (1). There has been talk on the internet that Elisa was chosen to be apart of a larger role that involved using her body to infect the other guests at the hotel with TB to increase medicinal sales (1). Not to mention there was an increase in reported TB in areas surrounding Cecil Hotel (1). The biggest price of evidence that ties Elisa to TB is that the center for tuberculosis research is located at the same college Elisa was attending, University of British Columbia (1). Now why would the government want to infect the people? Population control. With all of these circumstances put together, it wouldn’t be surprising if Elisa Lam really was apart of a government project.

Elisa Lam’s death continues to remain a mystery as to what really happened to her. Her death has sparked many conspiracy theories such as:
1. She Was Murdered By A Hotel Employee (Radford)
2 .She Was Assassinated Over A Government Project (1)
3.She Was Playing A Game That Led Her To Another Dimension (1)
Whether or not Elisa really committed suicide, one thing for sure is that the events leading up to her death seems really out of place for someone everyone said was a really “outgoing and friendly” person.

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