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(Works Cited for All Essays will be loaded last)

Thursday, August 10, 2017

JFK Conspiracy by Juan Carrizales

Imagine being murdered in public, and no one knows who did it. John F. Kennedy was murdered on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas. He was the United States' youngest president. Since then, several conspiracies theories have developed: Did Lee Harvey Oswald kill him, did the C.I.A have someone assassinate J.F.K, or did the KGB assassinate President Kennedy? Let’s explore the conspiracy theories with the possibility of the C.I.A covering up evidence.
Some external traits of John F. Kennedy are that he was a womanizer.  President Kennedy’s own father was known for having the same reputation with women as his son did. The President was known for loving woman, since he was in high school and all the way up till his presidency (Patrick 1). He had affairs with these three woman: Mimi Alford, and Judith Campbell (1). 
Mimi first met the President when she was invited to the white house for an internship. Four days later she was invited to a cocktail party by the President, and later on that day she was giving a tour by the President witch led up to them having an affair (Patrick 1). The affair lasted eighteen months. Mimi Alford ended up having a permanent job at the White House after the intern (1). In an interview with Ann Curry, Alford stated “That at the time she did not feel guilty about the fact that the President was married.” (Mimi Alford 1.)

Next there was Judith Campbell who was introduced to President Kennedy by FrankSinatra. Judith was having an affair with the President for two years during his presidency and would often visit him in White House (Patrick 1). Campbell said, “She became one of JFK’s mistress for a period of about two years, frequently visiting him in the White House after he was elected President.” (Judith Exner 1) When Judith published her memoir “Her account was supported by phone records and other documentation” that show Judith and President Kennedy were kept in touched (1).  Judith was also the mistress to a Chicago Mafia Gang Leader Sam Giancana (1).
Some internal traits of John F. Kennedy were ambition, competitiveness, and leadership. He was the best President to ever take office. He used his charisma and contacts to get him into the navy knowing he had been diagnosed with Addison’s diseases (Life of Kennedy 1). It takes leadership and intelligence to become a President. During his life, he accomplished many things, such as he saved the world from a nuclear missile attack by resolving a peaceful agreement with Cuba’s dictator. 
The President overcame many challenges, from illnesses as a child to sending the first man to land safely on the moon (Life of Kennedy 1). During his early child hood he was faced with a number of challenges due to illnesses. Some of these illnesses were whooping cough and scarlet fever (1). At the time, people usually did not recover from these illnesses.  
In the John F. Kennedy assassination, several conspiracies have developed. The first conspiracy is that President Kennedy was murder by Lee Harvey Oswald. An eyewitness said, ‘The shooting came from the six floor of Texas School Board Depository" where Oswald was working (Lee Harvey Oswald 1). At twelve—thirty, three shots were fired two of them killing President Kennedy and one wounding Governor Connally (1). Oswald killed officer J.D. Tippit, who confronted him that day (J. D. Tippit 1).  The bullets were examined and matched the firearms Oswald had purchased through the mail (Lee Harvey Oswald 1).

The second conspiracy is the C.I.A assassinated President Kennedy, due to his rapprochement with Fidel Castro and withdraw from the Vietnam war (CIA Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theory 1). Jim Garrison said, " The C.I.A plotted the assassination of Kennedy to maintain tension with the Soviet Union and Cuba and to prevent the United States withdraw from Vietnam" (1). This leads to the second conspiracy: after President Kennedy’s assassination, the United States remained in the Vietnam war and officially cut ties with Cuba.
The third conspiracy is that the Soviet Union and Cuba had President Kennedy assassinated. The President Kennedy administration has had a variety of attempts to overthrow dictator Fidel Castro. Also, President Kennedy was an anti-communist and was against the Soviet Union for supporting Cuba. Which, leads me to think that Cuba and the Soviet Union were the brains behind the assassination.
All three conspiracy theories tie in together, and each one of them played a role in the killing. Lee Harvey Oswald was pro-communist, and denounced his United States citizenship and moved to Russia for three years (Lee Harvey Oswald 1). Oswald went to Mexico City, Mexico, to meet with the Cuban Embassy, a week before President Kennedy is assassinated. (Lee Harvey Oswald 1). The KGB had to have a significant influence on Oswald, who was confused and vulnerable to seek attention (1). Also, I believe the C.I.A had something to do with the murder of Oswald, before giving him a trial and a chance to speak up. When I took a survey poll at College of the Mainland, ninety-five percent of the student believed that Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t act alone.  
After examining the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, three conspiracy theories are left to consider:
1.         Did Lee Harvey Oswald kill President Kennedy?
2.         Did the C.I.A have someone assassinate J.F.K?
3.         Did the KGB kill President Kennedy?
Even now, fifty—four years after President Kennedy died, the mystery continues to puzzle family, friends, and the community. However, it’s likely all three of this conspiracy played a part of the assassination of President Kennedy.
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Tupac Conspiracy Theory by Albert Irvin

Is Tupac Shakur really dead? On September 13, 1996, the world believed that Tupac waspronounced dead after being a victim of a drive by shooting. But did he disappear between those sixdays of being in the hospital? In years later, people believed to have seen Tupac in Cuba, or didhis manger set him up because he was leaving Death Row record label? There are severalconspiracy theories on this case of Tupac Shakur.
Character Analysis
Tupac was arguably one the most, if not, most influential hip-hop artist in the world. He has recorded songs that predicted the future. He wrote and recorded three songs in an hour (“Tupac Biography”). Which rapper can do this in the twenty-first century? Today rappers release a song and use their money for weeks to party. Tupac, “he was like glue to his studio; it was all hard work, fun, drinking, and a recording in his studio” (Doss).
Tupac was versatile, but remained consistent in his overall mission or objective. He never flip-flopped or recorded an album for commercial sales. While he loved the success he was enjoying and even strived to be a star in Hollywood, he never once collaborated with any unsavory characters in Hip Hop such as, “Eminem and Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, and Soulja Boy” (Doss). He remained consistent in what he did and continually pushed the envelope in regard to serious topics and even political matters.
Tupac recorded more songs than probably any other Hip Hop artist in the history, yet if you ask any of his fans, not one of those songs was a failure in regards to impressing his listeners. It is very rare to find an artist who has written that many songs without ever disappointing his fans. In other words, none of the songs found on any of his albums are filler. They were all potential hits and all carried their own weight: Tupac'sfearlessness and resilience is what kept the late rapper atop the Billboard charts from the beginning of his career in 1992 until long after his death in 1996 at 25” (“Tupac Shakur's Top 10 Billboard Hits”). 
Tupac was the first rap artist to have two number one albums in a row in the Billboard's Top 200 Albums Chart. As stated before, many people compare his fame to the Notorious B.I.G.'s fame, but the highest status on the album charts that Biggie ever achieved while alive was number thirteen on the Top 200 Albums Chart, and number three on the Rap and RnB charts. “Tupac did all this before rap was as popular as it is today” (“Why 2pac Is the Greatest Rapper of All Time”).
 Tupac’s name was more than just rap and hip-hop, as was his social life and passion of what he believed and wrote. Tupac inspired millions of people his, life was cut too short.
Conspiracy Theories

Let’s look at the conspiracy theories. First, did Tupac fake his death and escape to cuba?  On that fateful night of September 7, 1996, Tupac was at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas with his Death Row family for the Mike Tyson and Bruce Seldom fight. That night Tupac and his entourage approached Orlando Brown, who was a southside crip, after hearing Orlando snatched Suge Knight’s friend’s necklace in the mall a few months earlier. After Tupac walked up to Orlando and punched him, a group of men jumped him. It was caught on camera and showed the entourage running out of the hotel. Tupac proceeded to go change clothes at his hotel room before going to Club 662. He met Suge Knight downstairs and got into his BMW while his security guard followed behind in another car. After strolling down the Las Vegas strip, a fan called out to Tupac and snapped what would be his last picture. A group of females were calling out to him when a white Cadillac pulled up alongside of the BMW. Shots were fired at the BMW and hitting Tupac Shakur multiple times, and the bullets grazed Suge Knight. Suge Knight then sped off down the strip going the opposite way and crashing the car. Tupac and Suge Knight’s car was approached by bicycle cops while waiting on life flight, where Tupac was flown to a Las Vegas Hospital. Where he was in a coma for seven days. He was missing a finger, and had a lung removed. Family and friends visited him and spoke speaking to his unconscious body. His mother, Afeni Shakur, decided to pull the plug on her son’s life after days of being in an induced coma. Tupac did not have a funeral and was cremated immediately the day after his death, which led fans to believe he was still alive.
The second conspiracy involves Suge Knight, manager and of Death Row Records, which Tupac was signed to. The next month Tupac’s albums “Makaveli” was released, which showed him on a cross being crucified. This led many fans to believe he faked his death following the real story of Makaveli, who had also faked his death to escape from his enemies on the east coast. Makaveli made some new friends on the West Coast. His diss track “Hit em up” called out East Coast rappers and humiliated Biggie Smalls because Biggie put the song “who shot you” while tupac was in jail but Biggie said he wrote that song months before any of that stuff went down. When Suge Knight bond Tupac out of it start real big beef with Biggie and Tupac (Notorious). Tupac had a reason to believe his life was in danger after being shot five times in New York city:
They arrived at a studio so Shakur could do some recordings for an acquaintance, Booker, whom he did not quite trust. When they got to the studio, Tupac noticed of two black men, both dressed in army fatigues, hang around in the lobby he noticed because neither of them seemed to acknowledge his presence as of him being famous. He noted that he was less wary of them than he should have been because he had just finished smoking chronic. Shakur simply assumed they must be security for The Notorious B.I.G. (aka Biggie), whom he was still friends with at the time.(“Tupac Biography”) 
The two men, whom Shakur described as looking like they were from New York, came at him with identical 9mm handguns, and forced him and his friends to the floor (All Eyez on Me). Tupac was shot in the leg, through his scrotum. “He fell to the floor, and was shot a further four times, which he later claimed not to have realized. He laid silent, pretending to be dead” (“Tupac Biography”). It was discovered “He was shot five times in total and robbed of the gold jewelry he was wearing, which was worth over forty thousand dollars” (All Eyez on Me).  
His first words after realizing he had been shot in the head and the scrotum were, “Oh, shit. Roll me some weed. Call my mom and tell her I’ve been shot” (All Eyez on Me). He was also very surprised that none of his other friends, who were also wearing jewelry weren’t robbed (“Tupac Biography”). He survived, and he was also charged with rape in the same month of the shooting. When he went to court him and the judge had difference so “on February 7, 1995, Shakur was sentenced to four and half years in prison for rape, though he vehemently denied any wrongdoing” (“Tupac Biography”). The last shooting in Las Vegas probably made Tupac believe he had to get away. Both events could have been too much for Tupac, which leads to the next conspiracy: is he really in Cuba? If he is not alive then why was his life insurance policy never cashed?  

Is Tupac really dead? When Tupac died, his new album, Makaveli, (Tupac) “The seven Day Theory,” was released November 5th, 1996. The album had been finished in seven days during the first week of August 1996. He was shot on September 7,1996, and survived for seven days before he died on the thirteen.  Since Tupac's album, “All Eyes On Me” (TUPAC 7 day theory), was released on February 13th, 1996, and he died on September 13th, 1996, it is quite a coincidence that the two dates are exactly seven months apart. Tupac officially died at 4:03 p.m., 4+3 = 7; he also died at the age 25 which 2+5=7. Tupac is surrounded by the number 7; even in the new album there is nothing about his death date. Wouldn't you think they would include something like that in the first album after his death? In the album you notice "EXIT TUPAC, ENTER MAKAVELI"(1) which would make fans further more believe he is alive. The executive producer of The seven Day Theory is listed in the CD booklet of the album as Simon, who is a previously an unknown producer in the rap music industry. In the Bible, Simon was an apostle of Jesus. Simon was one of the first witnesses of the Resurrection listed by Saint Paul (I Cor. 15: 5). The Outlawz Tupac’s group that he brought up with him have confirmed “Simon is a reference to Suge Knight, who was with Tupac the night of the shooting” (2).
            Tupac was cremated the day after his death. The man who cremated Tupac, “Suge Knight said he paid him off then he disappeared off the face of the earth” (YourNewsWireOnline.).  If you’re the biggest rapper during that time, why wasn’t your body investigated to find out who killed you? Tupac is insurance policy was worth 70 million dollars but was never cashed out. It is illegal for a person who is alive to cash out his insurance policy. Afeni Shakur announced a funeral for fans, but it was cancelled the day before, and eventually she had a private ceremony celebrating his life with close friends and family. Until this day, Suge Knight is still a suspect in fans eyes due to his controlling ways; he was there at every step Tupac made and even at his bedside when took his last breath. Tupac was trying to get his own record company, and he had approached Suge Knight. But Tupac, was told he still had millions to pay back, so instead Suge Knight offered rapper his own label, Death Row East. When Tupac died, he was on the books to pay child support for children he didn’t have, so he didn’t have control over his own money. Instead Suge Knight would just buy Tupac what he wanted.
Tupac was an amazing rapper his life remains a mystery. After having no funeral and being cremated the day after his death, Tupac still has people’s minds wondering. Today, twenty years after his death, people are still saying the late rapper is still putting out hit records. Pictures and videos of him have surfaced in different places. Is Tupac still alive? The world may never know. These their conspiracies remain mysteries today.
            After having no funeral and being cremated the day after his death, Tupac still has people’s minds wonder, which leads to the three conspiracies:
1. Did Tupac fake his death and escape to Cuba?
2. Was Tupac set up by his former manager Suge Knight because he was leaving Death Row Record Label?
3. Is Tupac really dead and gone?
 Today, twenty years after Tupac the former rapper is still putting out hit records, pictures and videos of him in different places. Is Tupac still alive? The world may never know.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Jon Benet Ramsey by Inndiah Johnson

They always say “expect the unexpected”. For this family in Boulder, Colorado, this was

exceptionally true. Christmas is a time of togetherness. Friends and family celebrate this

traditional holiday, the day before as well as the day after, to express their love towards one

another. December 26, 1996, Jon Benet Ramsey is found dead in her basement (“JonBenét

Ramsey Biography.com.”). There will be two conspiracy theories. The first theory is that Burke

Ramsey killed his younger sister. The second theory is that the parents John and Patricia Ramsey

killed their daughter Jon Benet. Let’s file into the death of JonBenet Ramsey.
JonBenet is still known today as a southern beauty queen. Born in Boulder, Colorado, she started participating in pageants by the mere age of six. Stealing the show at almost every pageant she attended, she won Little Miss Colorado, America's Royale Miss, National Tiny Miss Beauty, Little Miss Charlevoix, Colorado State All-Star Kids Cover Girl and many more ("What Beauty Pageants Was JonBenet Ramsey In? She Won Quite A Few."). After gaining experience in pageantry, JonBenet had won a total of nine trophies before she passed. When people remember JonBenet the first thing that comes to mind is her being a natural performer. From the time she got on stage till when she got off she was sure to give the audience something to take home, to conclude, she was a ball of fire.
 From the big blonde curls, lips painted in red to the heavy mascara- it was almost impossible to not recognize her face.  According to the “Remembering JonBenet” interview with Pasty Benet, JonBenets’ mother, she recalled JonBenet being a gregarious young girl.  She claimed she had a “fun and glowing” personality as well as stating she loved her puppies, her family and her passion for entertaining. For JonBenet Ramsey, and her family, they knew how to grip Americas attention by coming off as the family who had it all together. Patsy, the mother, being a participant of pageants herself was the winner of the title Miss West Virginia in 1977, and John, the father, being a businessman, as well as an author. The two were married from 1980 to 2006.
60,000 file pages later, this police investigation still continues on to this day. There are a few notable conspiracy theories that surround the JonBenet case. Did JonBenet's parents murder their daughter? Let’s take a deeper look into this case, with all eyes on John and Patsy. JonBenet's mother claims she wasn’t aware JonBenet was dead until she discovered the three-page ransom note left at the bottom of the staircase (“All the theories about who really killed JonBenét Ramsey”). The ransom note appeared to have been written by a woman because of all the quotes that related to movies. After claims of Patsy being a strict mother, it has been said that she punished JonBenet for having an accident in bed and accidentally killed her out of anger. In order to avoid any legal action that would’ve taken place, she staged her murder as a kidnapping to cover up. Because of Patsy's involvement and her actions throughout the whole case this led her to thrust towards the spotlight.
John Benet raised eyebrows when police started to piece the puzzle together. John was the one who found JonBenet downstairs in the basement wine cellar. Instead of calling for assistance and wanting professional instruction on the next steps to take, John himself removed the tape from his daughter’s lifeless body, carried her up the stairs, set her under the Christmas tree and covered her limp body in her favorite blanket. This destroyed any evidence that could’ve solved this case and although neither Patsy nor John were charged with murder they still remained under the umbrella of suspension.
The second conspiracy that we will be covering is that Burke Ramsey murdered his younger sister JonBenet out of jealousy. It has been recorded many times that Burke Ramsey wasn’t pleased with the amount of attention Jonbenet received, being that she was the apple of Pasty and Johns eye. Burke was perhaps living in a realm of sibling rivalry. With Burke having a terrible temper and anger probblems, it was even said that eighteen months prior to JonBenets death, he struck her with a golf club on her head. John and Patsy Ramsey were appalled when they found out JonBenet was dead so for the next few years to follow they shielded Burke from the press and saved him from harm’s way.

To conclude this case, either Burke, John or Patsy Ramsey murdered their daughter JonBenet on the night of December 26th, 1996.
Two conspiracy’s will forever remain unsolved when it comes to the death of JonBenet Ramsey:
1.      Did John and Patsy Ramsey murder their daughter?
2.      Did Burke Ramsey murder his sister?

JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case By: La Portia Moultrie


          Just imagine attending a funeral of a six-year old child. Jon Benet Ramsey was an American Beauty pageant queen born on August 6, 1990, and was killed in her home in Boulder, Colorado, on the night of December 25-26, 1996, at the age six. Let us take a deeper look into Jon Benet’s death, and who killed her. The death could have been done by either the mother, father, or the brother.
   Externally Jon Benet Ramsey was a young and beautiful, six- year old who- enjoyed playing dress-up as a beauty queen. Every time Jon Benet competed in the pageants her make-up was flawless. Her hair was in curls. She wore ribbons, and hats to match her dresses, and costumes. “Jon Benet Ramsey was a dream child that was smart, talented, and blessed. She was entered into every child beauty pageant possible. Wearing lipstick, heavy make-up, and provocative costumes that cost thousands of dollars. Her hair was bleached, and teased. Jon Benet flirtatiously paraded down run ways, exuding a sophistication beyond her years” (“Smith”).          

             Internally Jon Benet Ramsey was a happy little girl. Every photo that was posted on the internet of Jon Benet she really did not seem to be worried or upset about anything. The picture of Jon Benet on vacation showed her smiling and laughing (Attachment 1). There was no actual evidence that she did not love her family. To many friends and associates suggested that someone in the Ramsey family might be responsible seemed a little incredible. “There was never anything wrong in the home,” said Joe Saportas, who lived next door to the Ramsey’s in Atlanta, where they lived until 1991” (“Hewitt and Bane”). Saportas said “I would leave my kids with them anytime” (1). A photographer Randy Simmons, spent a day shooting a portfolio of Jon Benet and recalls being struck by the uncommon devotion between mother and child.

The first conspiracy theory, did the mother Patsy Ramsey kill her daughter Jon Benet Ramsey? Jon Benet was said to “have soiled her clothes”: (Janofsky). Patsy Ramsey also was said to have strangled Jon Benet in a panic on Christmas night 1996, after accidently causing a serious wound to Jon Benet’s head. (1) “A detective Steve Thomas concluded that Mrs. Ramsey did strangle Jon Benet” (“Hewitt, and Bane”). Her lawyer, L. Lin Wood disputed the accusations calling them “fiction and utter nonsense” (1), and other Boulder officials are believed to have views that differ from Mr. Thomas’s. Mrs. Ramsey’s lawyer, Mr. Wood said in an interview that Mr. Thomas’s theory “is refuted in it’s entirety by medical evidence” (1). Patricia Ramsey, Jon Benet’s mother, a former Miss America, contestant reported her daughters’ death after finding a ransom note located on the stairs of their Boulder, Colorado, home. A note that was thought to have been written by Patsy Ramsey for $118,000 was never proven true. A handwriting expert was said to “have analyzed the note and compared it to Mrs. Ramsey’s handwriting, and it did not match” (1). Before being indicted on charges of her daughter Jon Benet Ramsey’s death, Patsy Ramsey died of ovarian cancer in 2006.
            The second conspiracy theory, did the father John Bennett Ramsey kill his daughter Jon Benet? John Ramsey was a very wealthy businessman. In 1989, John Ramsey founded the Advanced Product Group, one of three companies. He became President and Chief Executive Officer of Access Graphics. That was one of three companies merged together. In 1996, Access Graphics grossed over $1 billion that got him “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the town of Boulder, Colorado Chamber of Commerce(Flanagan). Soon after his daughter Jon Benet’s death, he was temporarily replaced so that he could mourn over her death. John Ramsey was a suspect in Jon Benet. He was suspected of staging the crime scene to protect his oldest child, Burke Ramsey, from killing his little sister, Jon Benet. After Jon Benet was found in the basement with a broken skull and a garrote around her neck, several reports suggested that John was an abusive father (1). John Benet’s ex-wife, Lucinda Pasch, his brother, and his sister-in-law all gave statements to the media defending John’s character. Also, two of his children from his first marriage told interviewers that “their dad has always been a loving and gentle parents” (1). In 2008, new DNA evidence seemingly exonerated John Bennett Ramsey.    
            The third conspiracy theory, did Burke Ramsey, Jon Benet Ramsey’s nine- year old brother kill his little sister? Twenty-five people were asked and out of the twenty-five people, fifteen said yes. Acquaintances wonder if all the attention lavished or focused on Jon Benet, however innocent and well meaning, had not left brother Burke Ramsey feeling slightly left out. One neighbor recalls that Jon Benet seemed to get all the attention (1). “Hers was the name everyone heard all the time,” says Diane Hayes, a Colorado, Springs mother who met the Ramsey’s through pageants. “I do not think Burke ever got much of a reference” said Diane Hayes, a neighbor.  The photographer, Simons recalls Patsy telling Burke of Jon Benet, “This is not just my daughter this is my best friend(Fore). Judith Phillips, a family friend for more than ten years, told The Sun how she had often seen flashes of Burke’s temper and believed the theory that he was the culprit: “Burke was quiet, reserved, and very into computer technology. I had seen him have emotional outbursts” (Iggulden). Judith first met the Ramsey’s when the family lived in Atlanta, Georgia. They became neighbors again when the Ramsey’s moved to Boulder several years after Judith and her family had relocated to the town. Judith said: “When Burke was born he was the absolute apple of Patsy’s eye” (Iggulden). Then, along come this little girl who stole all the attention. “He could well have been very jealous (1). Judith also claimed Burke hit his sister with a golf club a year before her murder, leaving her with a scar on her cheek” (1), Phillips also added “To me it seemed odd they would give a big television interview but not work with police” (1) Judith admitted: “I agree with the theory that Burke killed Jon Benet but I do not think he meant to do it” (1) Burke’s voice can be heard asking: “What did you find?” (1) His parents have always claimed he was asleep at the time.  

“Not much else is known about Burke Ramsey these days, but just recently Dr. Phil McGraw aired a three-part interview with Burke to coincide with a docuseries on: The Case of Jon Benet Ramsey” (McGuire). “He’s going to be talking about the incidents of violence, of hitting his sister in the head with a golf club. He is going to talk a very significant answer about a bowl of pineapples that was found on the table in the house that was not there when everyone went to bed” (Iggulden). Pineapples were found during the autopsy in Jon Benet’s stomach. He is also going to talk vey specifically about how the pineapples came to be in Jon Benet’s stomach the night she was found dead”. Dr. Phil said, “Burke was socially awkward, and laughed, and smiled throughout the interview” (1). After all the evidence the conclusion is that Burke Ramsey could have murdered his six-year old sister, Jon Benet Ramsey.            
Now again imagine attending the funeral of a six-year old child. The case of Jon Benet Ramsey was never solved and a lot of unanswered questions still hang in the balance. This case has been twenty years in existence. As of today Jon Benet would have been twenty-six years old, and may never get justice.

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